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Prestige Group – Add Prestige To Your Life

Prestige Group

The Prestige Group is one of the premier and most successful real estate developers in India. It has been a proven leader across all asset classes. Found in 1986, the Prestige Group had a turnover of ₹ 4862 crores. Chair

man and Managing Director Irfan Razack and his brothers Rezwan Razack and Noaman Razack.  As of the first quarter of 2018, the group  completed more than 212 projects covering over 84 million square feet. In addition, the group has 51 projects in progress, covering 53 million square feet; upcoming projects covering 48 million square feet. The Prestige Group holds a land bank of 424 acres with potential developable area of over 42 million square feet. The group entered the Capital Market successfully in October 2010, with an Initial Public Offering of ₹ 1200 crore. The market capital of the company is ₹ 11,993 crores as on 31 December 2017.

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