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About Us

Sanjeevini Hospital is a well renowned Multi Specialty Hospital conceived with an aim to deliver advanced and affordable healthcare to community.Dedicated to serve society with exceptional conduct and endless care.
We will differentiate from other hospitals by continually evaluating the needs of the communities and patients we serve and adding new services and technologies to meet those needs.
Teamwork is an integral component of our future success. We will purse and maintain important physician partnerships and alliances with other health care organizations to improve the health of our residents and to ensure financial strength for our organization and growth opportunities for our staff.

Types of Health Check Up

  • Regular Check-Up
  • Master Check-Up
  • Executive Check-Up
  • Value Check-Up
  • Senior Citizen Check-Up
  • Comprehensive Check-Up
  • Diabetic Check-Up
  • Child Health Check-Up
  • Well Women Check-Up
  • Monopause Profile
  • PCOD Profile
  • Comprehensive Cardiac Check-Up


  • General Health Check Up
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Medical Certificate Complete
  • Blood Count
  • Total Cholestral Urine Routine
  • Typhoid Vaccination
  • Hepatitis A Vaccination


  • CBC
  • Blood Group
  • Urine
  • Doctor Consultation

Sanjeevini Preventive Health Care Check Up Packages
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About us

Welcome to the comforting world of Sanjeevini hospitals, where medical treatment is truly world class and our approach to our patient is warm and sensitive.

Our mission

Dedicated to serve society with exceptional conduct and endless care


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  +9180 2319 6407



Health Screening Services in Bangalore for Industries Employees

Sanjeevini Hospitals is one of the reputed hospitals in Bengaluru. It is one of the first-choice hospitals for health care in Mahalakshmi Layout. Sanjeevini Hospital provides quality and timely services to patients.
Ambulance Services: The ambulance service that Sanjeevini Hospital provides is quick and agile, The Sanjeevini Hospital ambulance serves as a mobile Intensive Care Unit (mobile ICU) equipped with a transport ventilator, a sophisticated multi-para monitor, defibrillator and pacemaker, infusion pumps ti
ensure precise delivery of medicines and portable suction. The ambulance staff consists of an ICU- trained doctor, nurse and paramedics.
Diagnostic Services: Sanjeevini Hospital conducts accurate diagnostic services and timely reporting. Sanjeevini Hospitals has the most sophisticated and advanced technologies for diagnostic purposes.
Pharmacy: Availability of medicines on demand is very critical to medical treatment. Sanjeevini Hospital has a pharmacy that provides timely medicines and also offers home delivery of medicines. Sanjeevini Hospital offers state of the art and timely treatments including surgeries.
Bariatric Surgery: Sanjeevini Hospital helps patients lose weight through bariatric surgery. Patients who have undergone bariatric surgery need to make dietary and lifestyle changes.
Birthing Beds: Sanjeevini Hospital is equipped with birthing beds for labour, birthing and recovery. He beds are designed to be convenient to both the obstetrician and the patient.
Cardiology: Sanjeevini Hospital has a dedicated cardiology department headed by a cardio-thoracic surgeon with more than two decades of experience.
Child Development Centre: Sanjeevini Hospital has the facility to attend and treat children with special needs and those with mental retardation. Sanjeevini Hospital has a special child guidance centre to treat children with mild to moderate symptoms.
E.N.T.: Sanjeevini Hospital provides effective treatment to all disorders of the ear, nose, throat, sinuses and larynx. Sanjeevini Hospital is equipped to tackle the most complex diseases of ENT medically and surgically. Sanjeevini Hospital has the state-of-the-art equipment and staff to conduct echocardiogram procedure, address high-risk pregnancy cases, nephrology, NST system to monitor the bay in the 27 th week of pregnancy, cancer treatment, surgery, radiology, and much more.